Deploy websites and APIs (for free)

by Patrick Chong
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Personally have tried most of the platforms here. All platforms have a generous free tier, with different limitations.

Website + API + Database #

  • Deta - Totally free. Something quite new that I found out, still exploring and built a couple of prototypes with it. Apparently they will have an alternative way to generate revenue.
  • Fly - generous free plan, able to host three servers with Heroku style buildpacks or using docker, 3GB storage/postgres databases, no slow-startup issue
  • Railway - generous free plan, able to host 2-3 postgres databases and servers
  • Google Apps Script (if we consider Google Sheets as a database) (Javascript only)
  • Glitch (JavaScript only)
  • Render - very limited free plan, PG database expires after 90 days, not recommended

Website + API #

  • Vercel - Currently most of my projects are hosted here thanks to Vercel’s generous free plan, this website is on hosted Vercel too!
  • Netlify

Database + Static File Storage #

Database only #

Website only #

DNS service #

Online IDEs #