Hide Discord Sidebar

by Patrick Chong
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Hide Discord Sidebar on Chrome screenshot

What is Hide Discord Sidebar? #

Hide Discord Sidebar is a Chrome extension for Discord users who find the Discord sidebar too huge and wish to minimize/hide it when they are not using it. This extension minimizes the channels list into a small left sidebar when it is not in use as well as installs a button on the top right corner that hides/shows the Discord server list.

How did it come about? #

Hide Discord Sidebar a little tool I built to solve a small problem I had. I was using Discord to keep in touch with some friend groups and didn’t like the space taken up by the server and channel sidebars. So I decided to give myself the opportunity to learn how to build a Chrome extension so that I can customize the Discord interface. The code itself is relatively simple. Just some CSS to minimize the channels sidebar initially and to expand it on hover, and a button that hides/shows the server sidebar with Javascript.

Final Thoughts #

Fast forward to two years, Hide Discord Sidebar currently has 10000+ users (as of Oct 2023). Although it would require fixing whenever a Discord update breaks it (which happens from time to time), maintaining the extension is relatively painless since I would consider the functionality of the extension to be complete (and so there’s no need to build new features).

Install Hide Discord Sidebar #

Source code: (Give the repo a star if you like!)