PatrickxChong Site Favicon

by Patrick Chong

I’m still in the midst of figuring out the mood/vibe of this site, but a site definitely needs an original favicon. so I decided to experiment with a favicon generator at The end result is a favicon that looks like a Scrabble tile, which I felt was kinda apt. Scrabble tiles are a bit like a lego pieces. You can build words with them, rearrange them to make another word, there’s endless possibilities! (well one can argue that the number of words are finite, but I’m optimistic that mankind will continue inventing words). Below are the settings that I used to generate the favicon (can also be accessed here).

Favicon Generator with color settings #

An image that shows that the favicon generated uses the Mako font with font-size 100, a font color of #222 and background color of #FDA.